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  • Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Game

    Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Game

    Bingo Bango Bongo is a points-based game of golf that is quite easy to understand. It is a game that is great for placing bets as it can be played by two, three or four players and of course as a foursome team based effort. Points are awarded as a Bing, Bango or Bongo and […] More

  • different golf shaft flex

    Golf Shaft Flex – What’s The Difference?

    Flex is the ability of your golf shaft to curve or bow as impacts are made during a golf swing. Having a very flexible shaft gives more distance and more twist. Your swing speed is the impact or force that is out on the shaft. Your shaft and your swing speed determine the rate of […] More

  • How to improve your putting

    How To Improve Your Putting

    Improving your putting will instantly reduce your scorecard shots and save the embarrassment when you miss a simple putt. Practicing your putting can be achieved at home or by using practice putting greens with targets. The types of putters you use to sink that perfect shot depend on your swing style. You can use a […] More

  • how to improve your short game

    How To Improve Chipping And Pitching

    To improve your chipping will improve your short game massively. Missing the green requires you to use a wedge such as a lob, sand or pitching wedge in order to chip it near the hole. The closer you are to the hole, the easier it will be to sink the putt. Chipping is something you […] More

  • Exercise to improve golf performance

    Exercises To Improve Golf Performance

    A balanced golf swing usually needs core muscles that are strong enough; core muscles consist of, oblique, lower back and abdominal muscles. Several exercises could help improve and strengthen these muscles. If you are aiming to hit those longer drives, joining core golf exercises with long hitting drivers will see dramatic results. You can have […] More

  • golf clubs explained

    What Does Each Golf Club Do?

    People new to golf or you are a beginner golfer, you may struggle to understand the terminology used by most professional golfers. Learning about each set of clubs that you should have in your bag before purchasing the best beginner golf club set can save you a lot of heartache. The average golf club set […] More

  • exercise to increase golf swing speed

    How To Increase Golf Swing Speed

    Learning to increase your golf swing speed is a worthwhile exercise and of course FREE. An extra bit of speed when teeing off will certainly increase your driving distance with the correct driver. Increasing your golf speed swing can be achieved with a range of methods such as specific exercise, changing your grip and more. […] More

  • wearing golf shoes advantages

    Why You Should Wear Golf Shoes

    Wearing golf shoes on the course is not usually required but there are various benefits to putting them on to play golf. Some golf courses have strict policies with regards to the dress code and damage to their putting greens. For those without any rules, you could play golf in anything from running shoes to […] More

  • should you buy used golf clubs

    Should You Buy Used Golf Clubs?

    Many people that are new to golf and are on the search for golf clubs may choose to buy a used set. Saving money on something that will spend the majority of the time locked in the garage seems like the right thing to do. However, before you type into Google “used golf clubs for […] More

  • clean golf clubs correctly

    How To Clean Golf Clubs

    Golf clubs are prone to dirt and rust, which mainly originate from the ground, soil, and moisture wherein the clubs are used. They may have far-reaching repercussions on the performance of the clubs and the enjoyment of the sport of golf as a whole when not mitigated appropriately and in time. Cleaning your golf clubs […] More