best golf umbrella for wet weather

5 Best Umbrellas For Golf 2019

An umbrella for golf is not the same as a regular umbrella because it is usually much larger with the average being between 60 and 70 inches. The additional size provides protection for both the golfer and their club from the wet weather. The best golf umbrella for wet weather is the Procella 62 Inch Wind Resistant […]

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best golf balls to hit longer drives

5 Best Golf Balls For Distance 2019

Gaining more distance from changing your golf balls for those longer Par 5’s is a great way to hit further drives. The best golf balls for distance will have less spin that results in less resistance and more golf ball roll. The best golf balls for longer drives are the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls that have […]

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best golf bags for carrying and trolleys

6 Best Golf Bags For Your Clubs 2019

The majority of golf bags are waterproof but there are many other factors that determine the best golf bags. Some are better for carrying around the golf course where others are best suited for your trolley. The best golf bag for your clubs that offers every feature you can possibly want is the Bag Boy […]

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gps watch for golf

5 Best Golf GPS Watches 2019

Adding technology to your golfing gear can give you the extra edge on the course. The best golf GPS watches provide accurate information such as the yardage to certain areas of the course (green, bunkers, lakes and roughs). Not only that, but they also provide real-time feedback regarding your golf swing and strokes to aid […]

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