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    Bushnell Tour V3 Review

    When it comes to style, you should come to the decision of choosing the best that suits you the best. Most people thing golf may be the game where technology is being used less. But that is just the opposite. The technologies used in golf are just highly configured unlike any game like cricket or […] More

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    WTX Smart Watch Review

    That’s it !!! It is official now !! GolfBuddy keeps amazing us not only with its extraordinary features but also the appearance of their devices. WTX Smart Watch is one of its smart GPS devices packed with some well known and new features to amaze you. So without any further delay lets get on with […] More

  • SkyCaddie Touch GPS Review

    SkyCaddie Touch GPS Review

    When you are paying for something, it is pretty obvious that you are going to ensure that you are getting the thing. Meanwhile, SkyCaddie Touch GPS makes sure that you get what you are paying for. Paying for something that is free in most other places may make you think twice before buying the thing. […] More

  • Izzo Swami 5000 Review

    Izzo Swami 5000 Review

    Like a modern golf player, you must have the knowledge of GPS devices to keep track of your game. You know they come in all shapes and sizes. From a very compact square size, passing through smartwatch-like the look as well as a replica of your smartphone.  After you see the Izzo Swami 5000 you […] More

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    7 Great Women’s Golf Bags in 2020

    If you are in the market for good women’s golf bags, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. We’ve gone through hundreds of women’s golf bag reviews and have reached the conclusion that the first model you should consider is the Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag. This is a durable and convenient unit that […] More

  • GolfBuddy's Voice 2 GPS Review

    GolfBuddy’s Voice 2 GPS Review

    Do you remember or let’s just ask do you know how much space the 1st computer needed to be set up? About 1800 sqft. And it weighed around 50 tons. Comparing to that computing devices are now very very very compact.  You are maybe familiar with GPS devices that help golf players on the field […] More

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    Garmin Approach G7 Review

    Either it is a game or technology, no one wants to be left behind. Are you from that era of golfing when you had to take a shot with your best guess? As well as wait for any other player to mark their yardage from the nearest sprinkler head? Then you know just what is […] More

  • Garmin Approach G8 Review

    Garmin Approach G8 Review

    Preferring for a smart, compact, easy to use technology is a common thing nowadays. And what could be more compact than a smartwatch with all the features a smartphone has.  But a device that replicates your smartphone, stay connected like a smartwatch as well as keeps you notified about every notification, how cool that can […] More

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    3 Great Bennington Golf Bags in 2020

    From the many Bennington golf bags for sale that you could find nowadays, we picked several that you should consider. Many Bennington golf bag reviews trying out the models that we have showcased below, but before we dive into showcasing their features, we’re going to tell you that the first model that you should set […] More

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    Garmin Approach S6 Review

    Talking of looking sharp, a watch never lets you down. With a great dress code match your watch and Wala ! you will have the confidence to face the world with your sharpness. Okay okay, we are getting to the point. Nowadays, all modern golf players want an assist that is more digital and reliable […] More

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    5 Awesome Titleist Golf Bags in 2020

    If you have been searching the market for the right Titleist golf bag for your needs, you’ve ended up in the right place. We have done a lot of research and have selected several models that you should check out the features in the reviews below. Based on what we have found about them, these […] More

  • GolfBuddy Voice X Review

    GolfBuddy Voice X Review

    While driving you noticed your smartphone or your car’s GPS system keeps you update with a voice notification. So you don’t have to look often at the screen. Just like that, the  Voice X keeps you notified while you play, over voice notification. It keeps notifying you about pinpoints, flags, hazards distance from you. And […] More

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