golf clubs explained

What Does Each Golf Club Do?

People new to golf or you are a beginner golfer, you may struggle to understand the terminology used by most professional golfers. Learning about each set of clubs that you should have in your bag before purchasing the best beginner golf club set can save you a lot of heartache. The average golf club set […]

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best golf balls to hit longer drives

5 Best Golf Balls For Distance 2018

Gaining more distance from changing your golf balls for those longer Par 5’s is a great way to hit further drives. The best golf balls for distance will have less spin that results in less resistance and more golf ball roll. The best golf balls for longer drives are the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls that have […]

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exercise to increase golf swing speed

How To Increase Golf Swing Speed

Learning to increase your golf swing speed is a worthwhile exercise and of course FREE. An extra bit of speed when teeing off will certainly increase your driving distance with the correct driver. Increasing your golf speed swing can be achieved with a range of methods such as specific exercise, changing your grip and more. […]

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