best golf clubs for beginners

5 Best Beginner Golf Club Set 2018

The first golf club set you buy needs specific features that assist with maximum forgiveness. Hitting the ball consistently every time is hard for a beginner or high handicapper but a true beginner golf club set will help out massively. The best golf clubs for beginners is the Callaway Strata Ultimate Golf Set, which is an […]

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best golf umbrella for wet weather

5 Best Umbrellas For Golf 2018

An umbrella for golf is not the same as a regular umbrella because it is usually much larger with the average being between 60 and 70 inches. The additional size provides protection for both the golfer and their club from the wet weather. The best golf umbrella for wet weather is the Procella 62 Inch Wind Resistant […]

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best golf club head covers

5 Best Golf Club Head Covers 2018

Golf club head covers provide a layer of protection from your clubs hitting each other but also liven up your set of clubs. The designs and colors vary with many golfers adding a bit of comedy to their choice of head cover. The best golf club head covers are the ProActive Sports Zoo Golf Club Headcovers. […]

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How to improve your putting

How To Improve Your Putting

Improving your putting will instantly reduce your scorecard shots and save the embarrassment when you miss a simple putt. Practicing your putting can be achieved at home or by using practice putting greens with targets. The types of putters you use to sink that perfect shot depend on your swing style. You can use a […]

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how to improve your short game

How To Improve Chipping And Pitching

To improve your chipping will improve your short game massively. Missing the green requires you to use a wedge such as a lob, sand or pitching wedge in order to chip it near the hole. The closer you are to the hole, the easier it will be to sink the putt. Chipping is something you […]

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best swing analyzer and shot tracker

5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2018

Using the latest technology such as a golf swing analyzer can improve your performance massively. Hitting a consistent golf swing is critical and the best golf swing analyzer will give you instant data to whether you are achieving your goals. The best golf swing analyzer is the latest Zepp Golf 2 3D that has many […]

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Exercise to improve golf performance

Exercises To Improve Golf Performance

A balanced golf swing usually needs core muscles that are strong enough; core muscles consist of, oblique, lower back and abdominal muscles. Several exercises could help improve and strengthen these muscles. If you are aiming to hit those longer drives, joining core golf exercises with long hitting drivers will see dramatic results. You can have […]

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lightweight polo shirt for men

5 Best Golf Shirts For Hot Weather 2018

Lightweight polo shirts for golf provide clothing technologies not found in your regular shirt. For example, the best golf polo shirts will include sweat wicking and zero friction designs with microfiber cooling that is perfect for hot weather. The best golf polo shirt for men is the Under Armour Men’s Performance Polo that is excellent in […]

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best junior golf club set

5 Best Junior Golf Club Sets 2018

Buying your children their first set of golf clubs should be a memorable experience with a great range of sets available. Starting your kids early at the golf game is a good idea and getting them the best junior golf clubs will get them off to a great start. Budgeting the cost of a golf […]

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golf clubs explained

What Does Each Golf Club Do?

People new to golf or you are a beginner golfer, you may struggle to understand the terminology used by most professional golfers. Learning about each set of clubs that you should have in your bag before purchasing the best beginner golf club set can save you a lot of heartache. The average golf club set […]

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