best swing analyzer and shot tracker

The Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2018

Using the latest technology such as a golf swing analyzer can improve your performance massively. Hitting a consistent golf swing is critical and the best golf swing analyzer will give you instant data to whether you are achieving your goals. The best golf swing analyzer is the latest Zepp Golf 2 3D that has many […]

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lightweight polo shirt for men

The Best Golf Shirts 2018

Lightweight polo shirts for golf provide clothing technologies not found in your regular shirt. For example, the best golf polo shirts will include sweat wicking and zero friction designs with microfiber cooling that is perfect for hot weather. The best golf shirts are the Under Armour Men’s Performance Polos which are excellent in hot weather. There […]

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best golf hats for sun protection

The Best Golf Hats For Hot Weather 2018

Playing golf in the hot weather requires a hat that will keep your head protected from the harmful UV rays. The best golf hats will also offer a superior fit with slight stretch as well as comfort on the head. The best golf hat for hot weather is the Nike Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat that comes […]

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best golf chipping net

Best Chipping Nets For Practice 2018

Chipping from the side of the green or over bunkers requires your short game to be perfect, otherwise you could see your shots rise. Chipping with a pitching or sand wedge requires a lot of practice on and off the course. Not every course will have a practice green and the weather may not be […]

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best junior golf club set

The Best Junior Golf Club Sets 2018

Buying your child their first set of golf clubs should be a memorable experience with a great range of sets available. Starting your kids early at the golf game is a good idea and getting them the best junior golf clubs will get them off to a great start. Budgeting the cost of a golf […]

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best putting target with ball return

Best Putting Machine With Ball Return 2018

A putting machine is basically a small and compact piece of equipment that is used for golf training. It enables golfing enthusiasts to sharpen their golfing skills by hitting the balls at extremely short distances. The best putting machine with ball return is the Legacy Golf Travel Practice Putting Set that comes with its own […]

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best putter for a beginner

The Best Putter For Beginners 2018

As a beginner golfer, using the best putter can lower your shot count on the green quite significantly. Putters come in all sizes and shapes but you must be able to get to grips with it fairly quickly to master the art of the perfect putt. There are many manufacturers claiming to have developed the […]

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best gps rangefinder for the money

The Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope 2018

GPS Devices within the golf game has been increasingly popular over the last few years. From highly rated GPS Watches to laser rangefinders, they are fairly common premium accessories for professional golfers. The best golf08 rangefinder is the Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder that includes a dual display and even slope switch technology. A Rangefinder is simply […]

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best golf ball retriever for the money

The Best Extendable Golf Ball Retriever 2018

Retrieving your ball from hazards such as lakes, bushes or other hard to reach places is made much easier with a golf ball retriever. There are various types of retrievers that offer different benefits with the main task of gripping onto your golf ball. The best golf ball retriever is the I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever […]

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best waterproof jacket for golf

The Best Golf Rain Jacket 2018

Playing golf in the rain without the correct clothing is not ideal. Waterproof jackets for golf are designed to keep you dry and warm whilst allowing you to freely move during your golf swing. The best golf jacket is the FootJoy Golf Hydrolite Rain Jacket that is of the highest quality and designed for golfers at a […]

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