best gps rangefinder for the money

The Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope 2018

GPS Devices within the golf game has been increasingly popular over the last few years. From highly rated GPS Watches to laser rangefinders, they are fairly common premium accessories for professional golfers. The best golf08 rangefinder is the Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder that includes a dual display and even slope switch technology. A Rangefinder is simply […]

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best golf ball retriever for the money

The Best Extendable Golf Ball Retriever 2018

Retrieving your ball from hazards such as lakes, bushes or other hard to reach places is made much easier with a golf ball retriever. There are various types of retrievers that offer different benefits with the main task of gripping onto your golf ball. The best golf ball retriever is the I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever […]

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tall golf tees for driver

The Best Unbreakable Golf Tees 2018

The golf tee to many golfers are all the same and do not affect your golfing performance. Owning golf tees for certain golf clubs such as the driver or iron can almost certainly aid your tee shot to provide added distance or more accuracy. The best golf tees are the 4 Yards More Golf Tee that […]

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best golf balls to hit longer drives

5 Best Golf Balls For Distance 2018

Gaining more distance from changing your golf balls for those longer Par 5’s is a great way to hit further drives. The best golf balls for distance will have less spin that results in less resistance and more golf ball roll. The best golf balls for longer drives are the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls that have […]

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best divot repair tool

5 Best Divot Repair Tools 2018

For those golfers that hit hard with high swings, a divot is usually left behind and you will need a divot repair tool to fix it. Leaving the divot as it is will be typically frowned upon by others and can interrupt the golf balls roll and even land in the divot. The best divot […]

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best push trolley for golf

5 Best Golf Push Carts 2018

A push cart for golf benefits from being more lightweight and easy to fold compared to the electric push cart alternative. They are also much cheaper and can be easily stored in the back of the car for when they are not in use. The best golf push cart you can buy is the Clicgear Model 3.5+ […]

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best golf bags for carrying and trolleys

6 Best Golf Bags For Your Clubs 2018

The majority of golf bags are waterproof but there are many other factors that determine the best golf bags. Some are better for carrying around the golf course where others are best suited for your trolley. The best golf bag for your clubs that offers every feature you can possible want is the Bag Boy […]

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gps watch for golf

5 Best Golf GPS Watches 2018

Adding technology to your golfing gear can give you the extra edge on the course. The best golf GPS watches provide accurate information  such as the yardage to certain areas of the course (green, bunkers, lakes and roughs). Not only that, they also provide real time feedback regarding your golf swing and strokes to aid […]

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top electric golf trolley

The Best Electric Golf Push Cart 2018

An electric golf push cart for hilly courses will reduce fatigue and injury massively. They have dropped in price over the years, which means you don’t need to strain yourself carrying the bag or pushing a trolley for 18 holes. The best electric golf push cart is the MotoCaddy S1 Digital Walking Powered Cart that offers […]

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Best Golf Cart Batteries

5 Best Batteries For Golf Carts 2018

Compared with a typical battery, golf cart batteries are designed for deep cycles and are often found with 6, 8 and 12 volt sizes, which is ideal for an electric golf cart. The best golf cart battery is the Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105, which has specifically designed deep cycle cells that do not degrade from […]

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