sunglasses for golf

5 Best Golf Sunglasses 2019

When playing a round of golf on a sunny day, you will want to have a clear vision with a pair of sunglasses for golf. These will reduce any glare and help you see the course to the best of your ability without falling off during your swing. The best sunglasses for golf are the […]

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most comfortable golf shoes

6 Best Golf Shoes For Walking 2019

When playing a 18 hole round of golf, you can walk between 4 and 6 miles whilst being on your feet for many hours. The importance of having the most comfortable golf shoes is vital to reduce the strain on your feet and reduce any blisters. The best golf shoes for comfort are the Adidas […]

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best golf hats for sun protection

The Best Golf Hats For Hot Weather 2019

Playing golf in the hot weather requires a hat that will keep your head protected from the harmful UV rays. The best golf hats will also offer a superior fit with a slight stretch as well as comfort on the head. The best golf hat for hot weather is the Nike Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat that […]

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lightweight polo shirt for men

The Best Golf Shirts 2019

Lightweight polo shirts for golf provide clothing technologies not found in your regular shirt. For example, the best golf polo shirts will include sweat wicking and zero friction designs with microfiber cooling that is perfect for hot weather. The best golf shirts are the Under Armour Men’s Performance Polos which are excellent in hot weather. There […]

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best waterproof jacket for golf

The Best Golf Rain Jacket 2019

Playing golf in the rain without the correct clothing is not ideal. Waterproof jackets for golf are designed to keep you dry and warm whilst allowing you to freely move during your golf swing. The best golf jacket is the FootJoy Golf Hydrolite Rain Jacket that is of the highest quality and designed for golfers at a […]

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best golf waterproof trousers

The Best Golf Rain Pants 2019

Playing golf in the rain will require various amount of waterproof clothing with rain pants being one of the most important. Staying dry will reduce uncomfortable chaffing and general discomfort. The best waterproof trousers for golf are the Zero Restriction Featherweight Pant Rain Pants. They use 100% polyester with the Gore Tex membrane for breathable waterproof […]

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golf shorts for hot weather

5 Best Golf Shorts For Hot Weather 2019

Nothing beats playing golf in the summer season but as you heat up, it does become uncomfortable at times. Investing into a couple of pairs of golf shorts can reduce the heat quite significantly, which can, in essence, improve your game. The best golf shorts are the Under Armour Match Play Shorts, which use soft and […]

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recommended golf gloves for hot weather

The Best Golf Glove 2019

Owning a high-quality durable golf glove will provide additional grip of your golf club and reduce blisters forming on your hands. There are various types of golf gloves you can buy in terms of style and the weather you play in i.e. hot or cold weather. The best golf glove you can buy for all […]

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